Video Lead Generation for British Businesses

by Working Beautifully

Video Production Company

We're a British video production company specialising in the financial industry.

What we do

We create business-winning videos for your web and social audiences. From home page tasters to service, sector and process explainers, and from executive profiles to case studies and social media teasers. Together, these kinds of videos change the hearts and minds of your most important audiences.

Financial Focus

We only make films for the financial sector and their networks, associates and partners. So that means we're pretty experienced with both FCA regulations, and with the expectations of finanically aware audiences: investors, investees, IFAs, brokers, dealers, institutions, lenders, family offices, HNWs, agents, bankers, financial services buyers, and financial media.

How We Work

We generally make your films within 4 to 8 weeks. From your original brief through to pre-production, filming and editing, then on to post-production and social media posting, we walk alongside you as part-expert, part-collaborator. We know you have communication aims in mind, but also want an experienced guiding hand.

Recent Corporate Video Case Studies

Distributed Company

We're a distributed company, which means we all work from home. Yes that saves you money, but that's not why we do it. We chose to be distributed because it's so much easier to plug in the right talent to your project. For instance, we've directed Dubai camera people from England, and created animations using award-winning artists in Vladivostok. All part of the service.

We're Fully Cloud-based

We work wholly in the cloud: sharing workflow and collaborating in the cloud. You get access to that too. We're largely ex-broadcast, so we work fast in the cloud, and we know what we're doing. And that means better quality, higher impact for you.

What Else We Do

We also help the charities that foster UK enterprise with pro bono work. And when we can, we do a little creative film production for fun too.

What we believe in

We're in love with enterprise, beauty, hard facts, benevolence and the social web - not just because they feel right - but for hard-headed reasons:

  1. Beauty stirs emotion - sounds fluffy, but emotion drives buying decisions, even 6 key areas of B2B sales. Not so fluffy after all.
  2. Enterprise underpins the whole country - and wow, how well British business flourishes when it stops hiding
  3. Hard facts bring proof to your audience - it's suprising how an authentic approach can build the king emotion in business - trust
  4. Benevolence aligns you with good people - we spread the love with pro bono work to help enterprise causes, because helping eats selling for breakfast
  5. Social media connects you - on the web pretty much all your customers camp out on social media - so pick them up there

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