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Get closer to your audience with videos which demonstrate good work, beliefs or ethos

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 Opening Wallets video grows sales

Win the commitment of buyers with videos which build prove, persuade or offer

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What has Private Equity ever done for us?

Scene 1: Boardroom, mid-morning. The board of directors are debating whether to seek private equity funding for growth. The discussion heats up pretty quickly (a bit like this Monty Python scene)

Reg: Look, Private Equity Firms are oppressive, money-grubbing invaders. They rip out the hearts of companies with forceful management takeovers and aggressive buyouts! What has Private Equity ever done for us?

Stan: It provides jobs. Private Equity funds companies which employ 515,000 people in the UK.* That's enough jobs to employ every soldier in the Roman army, and then some! Yes, the Private Equity investors might advise layoffs. But their aim is to make changes to expand our business, which eventually leads to more jobs. Seems logical, does't it Reg?

Reg: Alright, it provides jobs. But apart from that, what have Private Equity Firms ever done for us?

Dave: Well, they do grow businesses. 90% of senior managers said Private Equity backing was beneficial to their company.* The investors have got the economic brains, the objectivity and the guts to pull off long-term growth - 15% per annum** to be precise. I'll certainly raise a glass to that!

Reg: Ok, they're quite good at growing business. But what else have they -

Francis: Hang on, the Private Equity industry made gains even during the recession. Private equity-backed buyouts showed 5% higher return on assets and 14% higher productivity in the recession than before.* Impressive, no?

Reg: Well I guess, but that's only because they're all just greedy, money-obsessed -

Stan: But Private Equity funds innovation too, Reg. Venture Capital investors inject money into young tech start-ups in industries like medicine and clean energy solutions* - which we benefit from. Be reasonable Reg, we need risk-takers in this world!

Reg: OK. Apart from providing jobs, working with managers to grow business, withstanding the recession, and enabling innovation, WHAT HAS PRIVATE EQUITY EVER DONE FOR US?!

Dave:...Reg, it’s better than the stock markets. UK-based private equity returns have outperformed the stock markets - the FTSE All-Share index and hedge funds - on a three, five and ten-year basis.*** What's not to gain?

Reg: What?! (Looks defeated) Return on investment? ... (scornfully) Oh SHUT UP! (Exit.)  
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How Quentin Tarantino could help your marketing

Reality check: you don't have the phone number of world renowned film writer Quentin Tarantino. But don't worry, you can still learn a lot from his movies to help make your commercial video. Here's a little breakdown of the basic elements that go into his film-making - you can try using them to help shape your marketing video and spark some ideas. 
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How to Look More Authentic with Workplace Portraiture

"What's so picturesque about sitting at a desk?"
"You're telling me our manufacturing floor is beautiful?"
"Don't bother with the camera, there's nothing to film in our workplace!"
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