We're a Corporate Video Production Company

  • We help British firms identify new audiences, reach out with video and win new customers
  • Our focus is the heroes of your business - leaders, workers, customers - their stories are GOLD
  • We work all over the UK
About us

Distributed video production

We're a distributed company, which means we all work on-site and from home. It's cheaper for you, sure. But that's not why we do it. It's more about quality and speed. Being distributed allows us to bring the best resource for your project quickly and with local visual knowledge. That means better footage, quicker. And it offers you greater resilience and flexibility too... last minute changes are much easier. And when we leave after filming, our overseas editors are already streaming the footage and starting to work.

Cloud-based video production

What coheres our team is Flow, our own cloud-based video production and ERP platform. It's filled with video formats, narrative stems, creative storyboards, thorough editorial and visual guides, crew resources, scheduling and a range of automated and semi-automated workflows that make your project smooth, clear and quick. So we all sing from the same song-sheet when we make your films, because we're free to focus on your story.

And most of us have broadcast or feature film experience, so we do kind of know what we're doing. We work at speed and with a plan, and when things change quickly - perhaps there's a power failure or your CEO is delayed - our film crew flex to accomodate, because we've done it hundreds of times before.

UK focus, overseas video coverage

People often ask us where we're based. Short answer, the Internet. Our distributed video producers and crew are wherever you need us to be. Most of our work is in the UK, but we've made films in Europe, USA and the middle East too. With a UK focus, we have people not just in London, the Midlands, the North, the South West and South East, but also in Macedonia, Lisbon, Vladivostok, New York and elsewhere. And when we're pushed - 'Yeah, but where are you really?' - we usually say somewhere between London and Wiltshire, Inverness and Plymouth.

Internet Video is faster, better, leaner

For us, distributed working is really as much a matter of quality as pragmatism. Of course, your project will need talent where your are. That's why our crew network is so geographically spread. But we can also expand and adapt in a lean way to handle far-flung or just bigger workloads. Flow (our own video production and enterprise system) holds it all together for us, but we also share work-in-progress with you on the best cloud-based tools, like Adobe Creative Cloud, Vimeo Review, Google docs and plain old Skype and WhatsApp.

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