Creative Video Productions

...we make videos

  1. Capturing and telling your compelling story on film - we create beautiful videos for you - for sales (explainers, testimonials, demos, pitches, adverts), for reputation (CEO or expert profiles, day-in-the-life) or for brand building (viral videos, distilled seminars, training films, recruiters, video press releases or launches). See our case studies for examples.
  2. Discovering and creating your unique story - when needed, we bring in our partner Jim McLaughlin of Optima, one of the UK's leading proposition experts, to tune your ideal marketing proposition, using the latest competitor, audience and customer research.
  3. Pre-release audience testing - optionally, we can boost your videos' conversion rates by testing them on potential viewers and then finessing from there. Testing is especially helpful if you're selling products, or simple services.

...we build your image...

  1. Delivering your videos in a high-impact website - we collaborate with partners Motion Pixels, to build a full-screen, video experience of your company, team, products or services, customers and ethos. Which builds trust, lead generation and conversion.
  2. Projecting your firm's essence visually - if brand development is needed, we can create video content with our partners Robson Dowry who design beautiful ways to express the core of your brand through visual identity, corporate, web, literature and packaging design.

...and we run campaigns

  1. Building lists of warm B2B leads - we can join forces with partners SoPro, to build email landing pages which target very specific industries, company sizes, territories or job titles. We provide a steady flow of qualified leads directly to your inboxes.
  2. Persuading B2B customers with telemarketing - we can create video landing pages for our partners RF Lead Generation, who then conduct call campaigns on your behalf, building opportunities or appointments for your sales people to close.
  3. Creating awarness with online advertising - we can create ads with partner Paramarq, our Google-qualified pay-per-click partner. The video ads supplement your text-ad campaign, and we also create landing pages videos to build conversion.

So shake off your sales gloom, rise up from your desk, stand precariously on your swivel chair, and proclaim loudly "Yes, we CAN get more leads!"

Costs and timescales

10 reasons you should use a video campaign now

  1. More leads - boosts your lead pool and maintains a steady flow
  2. Motivate sales team - allows your sales people to focus on their strength: closing
  3. Grow reveneue - builds your sales top line and brings a new confidence
  4. New image - revitalises your look and communicates a more desirable offering
  5. Marketing heft - increases your marketing power substantially
  6. More targeted - aims directly at named individuals that we find for you
  7. Better results - video is more effective at winning hearts and minds than any other medium
  8. Safer investment - less costly than a failed Google SEO or Ads campaign
  9. More predictable - recovers control of your marketing from giant social and search firms
  10. Proven but still new - now's the best time to get an early lead

Recent case studies

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