Case study:


Film: 'Art Revelation'

At a private gallery, we created this 2-minute explainer video for prospective donators to art magazine Artlyst. Our piece was used on the ArtLyst page on the Crowdshed website. It's helping raise over £40k for this onlinen specialist in emerging art. Our piece explains the magazine's purpose and investor benefits and it was a 1-day shoot, 2-day edit and roughly 2 days' pre-production. Loads of fun working with these ahead-of-the-curvers!

The challenge

ArtLyst is the UK's leading emerging art magazine. At the time of filming, they were expanding their donator base and they wanted to reach more high net-worth individuals, artists, collectors and advertisers alike.

Our task

Our goal was to help win new donators by increasing appeal and clarity online.

How we helped

We created a short donator film. We filmed a structured interview with the editor, and helped him feel at ease in front of our cameras. We also inserted stills of the magazine and supporting material from the website.


The magazine shared the film with many donators and quickly started to raise funds.

Portia Pettersen, Marketing Manager

The video looks great, you’ve done a wonderful job and really helped to keep Paul on form.
Portia Pettersen, Marketing Manager

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

We learned from this creating this short film for ArtLyst. We're sharing a few of our learnings here in the hope that they'll help you prepare for your next next video.

  1. Coach your subject as much as possible, especially if they're a little nervous
  2. Source the best pictures you can that illustrate the interview
  3. Allow plenty of time to get it right - we usually double the time to be safe
  4. Structure really lifts propositional films - we broke ours into several pieces here
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