Case study:

Business First

Film: 'Into Print'

We filmed this 2-minute explainer video for prospective investors, for the Business First website and their CrowdCube page. The piece explains the investor proposition for the magazine. It was a 3-hour shoot, a 1-day edit and about 2 day's pre-production. Lovely to work with, those enterprising people at Business First Magazine.

The challenge

Business First is a new London enterprise magazine. A first in 10 years. It reveals the strategies, challenges and personal stories of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to a London readership. So it's a publication very close to our hearts. But like any other new business, it needed invetment to get started. The challenge was to demonstrate publishing pedigree and purpose to new investors.

Our task

Our goal was simple: win new investors by building reach and trust online.

How we helped

We created a short investor proposition video. We filmed a presentation by the Editor-in-Chief, an ex-broadcaster comfortable in front of cameras. We also inserted stills of the magazine and supporting material from the website.


The magazine was able to approach many investors with an improved opening pitch. Currently, funding is being secured.

Nick Peters, Editor-in-Chief

Can't wait to wheel it out to the world! We love it, thanks so much.
Nick Peters, Editor-in-Chief

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

We learned from this creating this short film for Business First. We're sharing a few of our learnings here in the hope that they'll help you prepare for your next next video.

  1. Background communicates - if you can't access a location easily, create it digitally
  2. Break up a piece to camera with lots of supporting material
  3. When you're filming a 'pitch to camera', be patient; expect to do multiple takes
  4. Structure adds so much to a pitch - Nick broke his into several parts
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