Case study:

Cambridge Quantum Computing

Film: Transforming Supercomputing

We filmed this explainer video for prospective investors, for the Cambride Quantum Computing (CQC) website. Titled 'Transforming Supercomputing', it provides a taste of the company's capabilities and ambitions and explains how supercomputing is moving into a new paradigm. It was a 2-day shoot, a 5-day edit and around 2 days' pre-production. The CQC team were all super-bright - most were research scientists but others were enterprise people, and the mood in the lab and offices was positively thrilling - a calm certainty that industrial history was very much in the making.

The challenge

Cambridge Quantum Computing is one of the world’s leading independent Quantum Computing companies. They design and build tools for quantum computers and develop quantum software for current and future industrial use. They needed to raise £10m to transform their business from an R&D operation into a commercial operator. The challenge was to help them win new investors online.

Our task

Our aim was to build reach and trust online, to explain the company's present state and achievements and to provide a sense of its future capabilities, without bamboozling the audience nor revealing industrial secrets.

How we helped

We created a new investor video. We filmed the lab in Cambridge and the software team in London and strcuk by the calibre of experimental thinking and pure maths required for R&D in this field. We interviewed the senior figures in the business, exploring achievements and aims in this bleeding edge technology. Then we filmed supporting material and selected library footage to illustrate their transformative approach. And finally we tied it all together with a loose STAR story structure (Situation Task Action Result).


CQC is delighted with the video and it's now deployed in their second major investor recruitment campaign.

Managing Partner, Stanhill Capital Partners

Your team did a great job and the feedback from viewers has been extremely positive. We appreciate all your hard work and creativity in creating the video, and look forward to the possibility of working with you again.

Managing Partner, Stanhill Capital Partners

Ilyas Khan, CEO, Cambridge Quantum Computing

Very good. The video portrays an accurate picture of the business in an informative and creative manner that fits well with the format of our web portal.
Many thanks.
Ilyas Khan, CEO, Cambridge Quantum Computing

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

We learned from producing this short film for CQC. Here are a few of our learnings - hopefully they'll help you prepare for your next next video.

  1. Keep your interviews simple - don't allow your interviewees to use jargon or complexity
  2. For an investor interview, focus on opportunity and achievement wherever possible - investors like it
  3. Animated graphics work well when eplaining complex topics
  4. Try to pick a visual motif - in this case we embraced a spinning motion - subatomic particles, bicycle wheels and more
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