Case study:

Cawood Laboratories

Film: 'Accelerated Growth'

Over a few summer days we filmed this 2-minute case study video of laboratory testers Cawood Scientific and NVM, their backers. NVM wanted to demo their investment work to prospective customers. The film explains the main elements and benefits of NVM's equity partnership with Cawood. Filmed in Bracknell, York and Reading, it was a 3-day shoot, a 3-day edit and approximately 3 days pre-production. We had such a thrill working with successful entrepreneurs close up. Thanks, Cawood.

The challenge

Cawood Scientific is the UK's largest independent soil-testing laboratory. They provide analyses to the agricultural, animal, amenity and environmental industries. Although they were market leaders they had a tendency to understate their true value to prospective clients. Cold prospects weren't getting an initial sense of the firm's capabilities and value. The challenge was to demonstrate these right at the start of the sales process, online.

Our task

Our aim was to create a short case study film that would help NVM build trust with prospective customers.

How we helped

We created a new pilot case study video. Based on an NVM agricultural science client, we interviewed the client directors and filmed their wonderful labs to illustrate where the investment has gone. We gathered good positive feedback from the interviews, coaching the directors who were a little nervous on camera. We even got up at dawn to film fallow and cropped fields to dramatise the piece. And finally we tied it all together with an NVM interview about the project challenges and their approach.


Cawood is delighted with the piece and it's now in use front and centre on their websites and within their sales process.

Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager

We LOVED the video!!!! So no additional changes needed. It hits the spot in terms of an NVM promotion film.  Well done!
Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

Here are a few of our learnings from this piece for Cawood Laboratories. Maybe they can help you prepare for your next next production.

  1. STAR (situation before, task, actions, result) is a great structure
  2. Dramatic B roll footage can really add richness to talking heads
  3. It's a good idea to intercut differing points of view of the same story
  4. Easily mask unwanted stammers and ums with cutaway shots
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