Case study:

NVM Private Equity

Film: 'Enterprise Vitality's

We created a series of short profile videos for prospective corporate clients, for the NVM Private Equity website. This example is the 'About Us' video and it reveals the ethos and unique approach of a regional Private Equity firm. Together with 3 others, it was a 3-day shoot, and a 6 day edit, with about 2 days pre-production.

The challenge

NVM is an ambitious firm of private equity investors. They work hands-on alongside business owners to inject finance and grow their companies. They had a growing portfolio of clients but a tendency to understate their true expertise until midway through the sales process. Prospects weren't getting a welcoming sense of the firm's approach and value. The challenge was to demonstrate NVM's contemporary, practical style to an internet audience, and improve the opening of the sales process.

Our task

Our goal was to make prospecting quicker and easier by letting the experts explain their business to prospective clients.

How we helped

We created a series of explainer videos, based on expert interviews. This example is the first. We interviewed the firm's directors in their regional offices up and down the UK. We filmed their clients workplaces to illustrate the flavour and value of their investment. We researched the market to increase our insight, to make our questions more informed. We coached one or two directors who were a little nervous on camera. We even interviewed their clients to capture useful testimonial responses, to add validity to the directors' words.


It's a little too early for results yet, but our client is delighted with the piece and it's now in use front and centre within their sales process. A series of case studies has also been published.

Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager

We LOVED the video!!!! So no additional changes needed. It hits the spot in terms of an NVM promotion film.  Well done!
Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

While filming this work for NVM, we learned. May we share a few of our lessons below? We hope they can help you plan out your video.

  1. Try to spread your topics across multiple speakers
  2. Don't be afraid of repetition in questions - its good when one speaker can finish the sentence of another
  3. Aim for consistent visual composition - it helps the film flow
  4. Ensure you have enough visual cutaway material to relieve the tedium of talking heads
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