Case study:

NVM Silverwing

Series: 'International Growth'

In their Swansea factory, we filmed this short case study video of robotic testing company Silverwing NDT, for NVM, their private equity backers. NVM wanted to demo their investment work to prospective client firms. Titled 'International growth', it explains the Silverwing operations and how NVM have helped it grow internationally. It was a 1-day shoot, a 2-day edit and approximately 1 day of pre-production. They're innovative thinkers and capable engineers at Silverwing - it was a privilege to film them at work.

The challenge

Silverwing NDT is one of only 3 specialist non-destructive testing firms specialising in oil and petro-chemical storage in the UK, and only one of 14 worldwide. Wehen we visited with our cameras, they had broken into the US market and were expanding into more countries. They had secured NVM backing to accelerate the process. NVM wanted a record of their success.

Our task

Our goal was to project Silverwing's work and production authentically and to help their backers, NVM reach new potential investee companies by showcasing their work and success.

How we helped

We created this two and half minute film. Shot in Swansea and Reading, we interviewed the NVM directors and filmed the calm, cool and collected engineers at Silverwing. And finally we tied it all together with footage of the products in action.


Our client is pleased with the short case study and they use it on their website and in client presentations. Meanwhile, Silverwing has rather nicely commissioned us to shoot a few promotional films for them.

Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager

We all really like it. I really love the revised beginning!  Great work.
Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

In filming this short production for NVM Silverwing, we learned. We've shared a few of our lessons below; hope they can help you plan out your next video.

  1. If you have two interviews differentiate their look to give distinctiveness
  2. Film cutaway detail that illustrates the topics (here it's 'engineering')
  3. Shoot about 50 to 100 times what you need - magic moments are rare
  4. Shoot or borrow product demo footage to give it a lift
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