Case study:

Peppermint Technology

Film: Why We Exist

We devised and filmed a suite of 4 promotional videos to attract early stage interest (in the sales pipeline) of UK legal firms. Emphasis was on projecting the ethos and vision, team calibre and capabilities of the software firm. This was a 1 day shoot, 3 days editing, and 2 days pre-production. Their enthusiasm was infectious and it was a real privilege to work with a team of motivated entrepreneurs.

The challenge

Peppermint Technology provides innovative legal cloud software for UK law firms that goes beyond traditional UK legal practice & case management software. The challenge was to provide a clear expression of vision, technology, team capability and game-changing proposition.

Our task

Our objective was to make the complex simple, and amplify appeal to larger firms.

How we helped

Filmed at the same time as the SEP shoot, we interviewed 2 principals, filmed the teams and more mobile software, using the visual themes of activity, insight and support. We also filmed light spillage using a technique known as free-lensing, to amplify a sense of illumination.


Peppermint have used the videos to address some key issues in their market and articulate the advantages and benefits of their products and services. The videos are on their website,YouTube channel and distribute links via social media channels.

 Barbara Millett, Marketing Manager, Peppermint Technology

"The filming process gave us the opportunity to give our side of the story, straight from the horse’s mouth. Looking good!"
Barbara Millett, Marketing Manager, Peppermint Technology

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

Here are a few of our own learnings from the making of suite of explainer videos. Hopefully they can help you prepare for your next production.

  1. Offices are intimate - convey that
  2. Thought, debate, concentration and teamwork are the currency of intellectual work
  3. If the software is the star, show it, but don't dwell on it
  4. Leave them wanting more, if you want your audience to enquire
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