Case study:

Qube Management

Series: 'Impeccable Properties'

In four premium property locations and client offices, we created a family of 10 videos – skills profiles, services explainers and home-page tasters. The videos reveal the calibre and attention to detail of a property management company at the top of their game. It was a 6-day shoot, an 8 day edit and around 3 days pre-production. It was exhilarating to go behind the scenes at some of London's top properties and find out how they tick.

The challenge

Qube Management is one of only a handful of the very top end of UK property management firms. They manage three out of the top ten most luxurious properties in the UK. They discreetly run and host these premium properties for occupants, investors and property developers. But outside the UK, they were unknown. The challenge was to demonstrate their pre-eminence to an internet audience here in the UK and in middle east and far east.

Our task

Our objective was to reveal the true quality of the firm by building reach and trust with new prospective clients.

How we helped

With our partner Motion Pixels, we created a unified new image, website and videos. We visited premises and arranged non-intrusive filming of gardeners, engineers, window-cleaners, consultants, maintenance people, butlers, porters and technicians, and we learned a great deal about premium client service by interviewing senior managers. Finally, we designed a website, and created the visual content - photography and video.


A new flow of prospective clients, and a positive shift in client opinion has been established.

Andrew Harding

Just run through the final cuts and all looks good. Excellent! I believe we have the best website of any property company. It looks great on the mobile device too.
Andrew Harding

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

We learned from this creating this short film for Qube. We're sharing a few of our learnings here in the hope that they'll help you prepare for your next next video.

  1. Shoot a skills portrait in a documentary way - it looks natural
  2. Move the camera smoothly - that's what brought these videos alive
  3. Don't be afraid to ask the same question different ways to get a better answer
  4. Let your video dominate its web page - it's what most people consume first
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