Case study:

Sautter Cigars

Film: 'How To Enjoy A Cigar'

To start this 3 film project, we first made this 'How to prepare' short for Business First Magazine readers and Sautter prospective customers alike (full article). It explains leaves, harvests, flavours, cutting, lighting and more. It was a 1-day shoot, a half-day edit and around 1 day's pre-production. Laurence kindly closed this new store for a half day to allow us to film.

The challenge

Sautter Cigars is the UK's oldest and most prestigious supplier of premium cigars. Based in Knightsbridge, it imports and sells to buyers the world over. The challenge was to share the experience and expertise of the store with a Business First audience.

Our task

Our aim was to entertain a Business First audience of entrepreneurs and associate cigars with success.

How we helped

We filmed a single interview for the magazine and cut it into 3 parts. We took our cameras to the new Sautter store near Harrods, and shot 45 minutes of the most engaging monologue from the store's CEO Laurence Davies. Then we shot inside the humidor room and cut in closeups of cigars, leaves, lighters and the stores impressive collection and Cuban and cigar mementos.


Our client was delighted with the pieces and viewings are climbing steadily.

Nick Peters, Editor in Chief, Business First Magazine

Lovely simple fun pieces from Working Beautifully. As always, a pleasure to work with. Many thanks.
Nick Peters, Editor in Chief, Business First Magazine

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

In filming this production for Sautter Cigars, we learned. We've shared a few of our lessons below; hope they can help you plan out your next video.

  1. Long interviews need regular breaking up, but preserve the flow
  2. Plan your interview topics so you get good structure
  3. Shoot 'B' roll footage after the interview, so you can illustrate what was said
  4. Cut longer interviews into chunks for better internet digestion
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