Case study:

Share Radio

Film: 'Share Radio'

We filmed this short article teaser for internet radio station Share Radio and Business First Magazine. The piece touches on some of the themes in the magazine article and projects a sense if the CEO's pre-occupation with money as a cornerstone of personal liberty and civilisation. Funky busy office at Share and smashing people - bright, resourceful and deadline driven! The production was a half-day shoot, a one-day edit, and around a day of pre-production.

The challenge

Share Radio is a brand new radio station designed to help UK consumers through the money maze. Topics range from Banking and Budgeting to Markets and Property, and from Investments, Insurance and Small businesses to Ethics and Children’s finances.

Our task

Our goal was to build audience reach and drive traffic from the video to the article in the Business First Magazine and the work of Share Radio.

How we helped

We filmed the interview for both the magazine piece and for BFTV. We zipped around and recorded snippets of office activity too and cut them all together.


Business First is happy with the piece and is using it to drive interest in their online article. It's also in use on their YouTube web page.

Nick Peters, Editor in Chief

Yup, another cracker from Working Beautifully. Thanks for another stand up job.
Nick Peters, Editor in Chief

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

We learned from this creating this short film for Share Radio. We're sharing a few of our learnings here in the hope that they'll help you prepare for your next next video.

  1. Try to film the interview close to the thick of the action
  2. If they're available, find iconic or unique objects - they add character
  3. Ask big questions and let your expert speak - he'll deliver the goods if he is!
  4. Tidy your graphics with matching colours
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