Case study:

Tesco and Future Enterprise

Film: 'Tesco Trainwreck'

In our studio, we created this short explainer video for Tesco and Future Enterprise magazine. The piece covers the key points of the magazine article and critiques the management errors of one of Britain's large lost firms. It was a half-day shoot, a one-day edit, and around a half day of pre-production and stills research.

The challenge

Tesco is one of the UK's largest companies, flying the flag in 14 countries, and is struggling with management and growth issues. Our client, Future Enterprise was a nascent magazine.

Our task

Our aim was to build awareness of the Future Enterprise magazine article and the widening concerns for Tesco's over-reach.

How we helped

We filmed the short editorial piece on green-screen in our studio and edited together royalty free clips to reflect the main topics of the article. Then we located a good good train wreckage sound effect and photo, and composited them.


It's a little too early for results yet, but Future Enterprise is happy with the piece, and will use it on their website when it goes live.

Nick Peters, Editor in Chief

Nice tight piece. Thanks for the fast turnround!
Nick Peters, Editor in Chief

Learnings that may be relevant to your firm

We learned from this creating this short film for Tesco and Future Enterprise. We're sharing a few of our learnings here in the hope that they'll help you prepare for your next next video.

  1. A subtly dramatic tone works well for thought pieces
  2. Ensure you provide visual variety with camera turns
  3. Green screen is very flexible - we chose a background idea long after the filming
  4. A simple sound effect can add drama to a solid editorial piece
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