Case Study Videos

Financial Industry Focus

Our clients are almost entirely in the financial industry, or are partners, associates or related in some way to the financial industry. That means we really understand FCA regulations and more importantly, the needs and expectations of your audiences. We've worked with or for investors, investees, family offices, banks, digital banks, currency exchangers, large institutions, wealth managers, pensions and insurance firms, and of course, all with a mindful eye on regulators.

How We Work

We start with your audiences, then work backwards towards your brand character and positioning, your team and your ethos and beliefs.

We generally work pretty quickly, though we encourage you to be really thorough at the project start, so we're all 100% aligned on project purpose. We work entirely in the cloud, and we're mostly ex-broadcast and so we know what we're doing.


We're always learning. New techniques, new kit, new software, new social media. We LOVE this aspect of our jobs, and we try to share the very latest with you in our teamwork. Whether that's best practices in story-telling, visualisation, film techniques, optimal duration, social media selection or sharing techniques, we try to keep as fresh as we possibly can, so you have a reliable and useful partner.

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