Creative Video Production

Creative video production

We make music promos, drama sizzle reels, and micro-documentaries about artists. We've been lucky enough to work with some talented people too - from The Struts (who toured with Foo Fighters last year) to Sci-Fi London and EAO.

UK based with loads of overseas coverage

Clients occassionally ask us where our HQ is. Short answer, the Internet. Longer answer: our video producers, creative team and crew are wherever you are. Most of our film work is in Britain, but we've also worked in Europe, USA and the middle East too. Our homes are in London, the Midlands, the North, the South West and South East, and we also have some great creatives in Macedonia, Lisbon, Vladivostok, New York and elsewhere. And when you say - 'Yeah, but where are you really?' - it'll be somewhere between London and Bristol, Inverness and Plymouth.

Distributed working

We work our video production process as a distributed company, which means we have no head office, no central geographic location, so we're close to wherever you are. That saves money for you, but that's not the main reason for being distributed - it's more about speed of working and the quality of people and talent we plug into your project. For you, that means better videos, faster. And we can flex more easily too, last minute changes to schedules are easier.

Cloud-based video production

We use cloud-based tools, like Adobe Creative Cloud, Vimeo Review, Google docs and plain old Skype and WhatsApp. We also have a pretty cool cloud-based production platform, which you use, along with our pre-prod, filming and post-prod teams. So we're all singing from the same song sheet. It's packed with clear visual updates on where your production has got to, what's needed, who's doing what. And you'll find your creative storyboards there too. It's where we keep our crew resources, scheduling and workflows too. So everything runs smoothly.

And most of us have worked in broadcast or feature films, so you can be sure you're in good hands. We create and work in a quick and organsied way. And when things need to flex - perhaps there's a power failure on location, or your main players are held up in traffic - our film crew flex to accomodate, because we've done it hundreds of times before.

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