We take your privacy seriously

We go to considerable lengths to protect your personal data (no biggie - we're supposed to). Here are the major principles we work by:

Original Purpose

If you provide us with any personal or contact info, we'll respect the purpose for which you shared it. No kiss and tell.

Minimum Information

We'll only ask for the essential info we need. You don't have to tell us your nickname at school (unless it's good one).


We won't bombard you with unwanted emails. You'll only receive emails from us if you've specifically requested them or opted in to our mailing list. And third parties are not invited to our party - they'll have no access to any of our contact lists.


We won't hold you prisoner. At any time you can unsubscribe or remove your info from our mailing lists. Just follow the instructions on our emails.


We only use 'session' cookies. These simply keep your visit alive on our server. No information on you, your clicks or anything else at all is stored in the session cookie. It's just a benign number that our web server recognises for one session alone.


All your personal details are held in a secure manner. Lock and key.

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