Dave Franklin, Associate Music Director

Dave Franklin

Our cool, wired and all-hearing music director

It's all about rythm and pace, a dramatic approach to instrumentation and a lot of heart.


Dave is our music director, which means he shapes the emotional tone of your business films, our entertainment projects and he presents our occasional Youtube music show. He also handles event promotion and social marketing. Dave's also a musician, live gig promoter, record company founder and music journalist, so he's no slouch.


Dave has worn most hats to be found in the music industry. Firstly, as a musician across a number of genres and then running various grassroots music enterprises. He makes up 50% of a live music promotional team called Songs of Praise and also co-organises an “in the city” music festival called The Swindon Shuffle in his home town. He also is one half of Secret Chord Records and writes about music in everything from local to international publications.


Cheese, books, films and cheese (mentioned twice for extra emphasis).

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