Dave Walsh, Associate Digital Marketing Manager

Dave Walsh

Our website and digital marketing manager

Your audiences must take two strides towards you in order to engage. First they must find you, and that means smart, targeted outreach. And secondly they must like you, and that means an impressive website. Combine these two into a simple pathway towards an appealing low-risk call to action, and you're going to enjoy huge marketing sucess.


Dave is our Digital Marketing Manager, and as an associate, has three decades of marketing experience, with skills in visitor attraction, engagement and conversion. Besides immersive websites, he has skills in Google Adwords and Analytics, Search Optimisation and Social Marketing which means he can combine marketing science with aethetics and relies on A/B testing.


Dave started his career in Los Angeles by founding a successful marketing and promotions business. He then became UK Managing Director of Golley Slater Group's direct marketing division, and then joined Noel Edmonds' Unique Group - where he was a founder director for Unique's video conferencing arm, Video Meeting Company. After that, he started his own UK marketing consultancy business specialising in web and digital marketing.


Family, cinema and rugby, and maybe not in that order!

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