Doug Kirby, Producer Director

Douglas Kirby

Our meticulous and multi-tasking producer director

Relevant, engaging and succinct, video is I believe the future of the web for brands. It takes homework, panache and intelligent seeding to bring about the right outcome.


Doug is a narrative business videographer, an experienced Web TV producer-director and film-maker. Specialising in the short film format, he often works with audience focused stories that call to action. His strength is creative development and research and his work has helped many firms achieve both economy and audience response.


Doug's had a diverse career with experience in hotel and event management and logistics consultancy. He is also an actor, presenter and trainer, and is skilled at coaxing strong performances out of clients in front of the camera.


A bit of Drama, watching and creating movies and theatre, long walks with the Husky and food from soil to table.

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