Jim McLaughlin, Story Developer, Marketing Guru

Jim McLaughlin

Our story developer and marketing guru

Your story has to be valuable and exciting to cut through the noise. It has to shake potential clients out of sleepy habitual purchases. This means completely disassembling the customer's needs, the competitor's propositions and building something much more compelling.


Jim's our story developer and marketing guru, and is also director in our business. He works on strengthening your proposition, to differentiate you and increase the power of your marketing communications. Based in London, he also works with Tim on direct marketing, sales pitches and marketing materials, and can provide customer research and competitor audits, manage trade shows, PR, email and blogging activity too. He also helps to recruit and train sales people.


Jim started his career with 6 years invaluable experience at the sharp end of selling, before moving into marketing and then on to consulting. He's been a marketer for three decades. And in that time, he has become Chairman of a high growth food manufacturing business and non-executive director of an online software company working with thousands of doctors.


Two daughters, wife, life in London, photography and creative writing, golf, painting, travel and wine.

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