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P.E - growing through a buyers market

With buyouts growing, competition rising, and Brexit looming, is Private Equity still doing very nicely thank you?

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Private Equity 2018: a Buyers Market

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Photo of Can Marketers Of Private Equity Find Growth Opportunities

Private Equity 2018: a Buyers Market

Let's explore how a corporate video suite can build your business

Your data is protected under 2018 EU GDPR regulations.

2018 Private Equity Snapshot - Fair Reflection?

I came across a pro-PE article - the 2018 'Essential guide to raising PE' for entrepreneurs, from Growth Business. Have you seen it? Does it ring true for you, if you're in PE? Here's a summary, largely in their own words (with my questions interspersed):

1. Buyout market is thriving

€30.7 billion was invested across 190 buyouts in the UK alone in 2017, and €96.6 billion across 680 deals throughout Europe as a whole, says The Centre for Management Buyout Research (CMBOR) at Imperial College Business School. This is the highest cumulative value since 2007. UK private equity statistics for combined buyouts and buy-ins across different UK regions shows that the North-West of England rivals London for deal value, incredibly.

My question: What's driving the North West? And are NW firms more aware of their enhanced opportunity?

2. It's getting more competitive

Capital is readily available and competition among PEs will allow entrepreneurs seeking funding to find the partner that represents the best fit. Both origination and value-added services continue their upward trend of sophistication.

My question: How far will this trend go before P.E. is synonymous with Consultancy?

3. Brexit

PE Activity in the UK has been remarkably resilient. CMBOR data shows that, after a sharp fall following the vote in 2016, buyout values doubled year-on-year in 2017 to account for 30 per cent of the European total. But UK investees are troubled by Brexit-aggitated market conditions.

My question: Is this accurate? Didn't PE's just widen their geographic spread?

4. PE's proven track-record

PE continues to perform well in adverse conditions - and has become reliably steady over decades. Perhaps the steadiest asset class there is.

My questions? Is that true? If so, why don't we hear about it?

Any UK PE's out there - would love to know your views!

What do you think?

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