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5 easy ways to boost origination with video'

Origination is vital but time-consuming activity for investment firms. Here are 5 easy ways video can help.

Let's explore how a corporate video suite can build your business

Your data is protected under 2018 EU GDPR regulations.

Let's explore how a corporate video suite can build your business

Your data is protected under 2018 EU GDPR regulations.

Origination is Hard Work

If you're in financial services, Private Equity, Venture Capital, or the kind of financial firm that invests in other companies, and if you're in business development there, you're spending most of your time doing origination.

And it's a long, hard slog. You spend a lot of time meeting people, kissing frogs. Is it possible that there's a way to make that an easier and shorter process?

The Challenge

Given that a huge number of marketers report that there's a considerable increase in the understanding of their buyers when they watch video, the question really is, can video help financial services firms to improve their origination? And of course, the answer is yes.

Your Obvious but Hidden Assets

The techniques that you currently use: phone calls, meetings, the business of chemistry building and getting to know future portfolio firms - these are exactly the kinds of material that should wind up on the videos on your website. And it helps you to stop hiding. It's the business of revealing who you are, how you work and what kind of processes you have, and that leads towards a good chime. If you like, it starts to do all the footwork, the heavy lifting for you at the early stages, and that's what video is very good for.

The Case Study Proves You're Good Enough

There are two kinds of videos that do the heavy lifting for you. The first is a case study, and that's just going to be a two-minute short piece told by your portfolio firm about the kind of impact that you had on their business, and that's really manna, that's real heavyweight proof that you're good enough.

The Explainer Raises Expectations

The second kind of video is a process explainer, which takes future portfolio firms through the processes, the sorts of assets that you expect, and helps them to raise their expectations of working with you. It's an interesting fact that a significant number of marketers around the world who use video tend to grow their firms a lot faster than those that don't.

Return on Investment

Typical kind of outcomes are, higher calibre of firms approaching you, more appropriate firms approaching you, and that means less time spent weeding out the unsuitable candidates, and more time spent getting to know the right kinds of firms for origination.

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