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The major components of video positioning for financial firms'

Positioning your financial firm competitively is way easier than it appears. Video provides four easy ways to distinguish your offering.

Let's explore how a corporate video suite can build your business

Your data is protected under 2018 EU GDPR regulations.

Let's explore how a corporate video suite can build your business

Your data is protected under 2018 EU GDPR regulations.

I'd say there are probably three or four areas where video is going to give you more positioning power than text or images on your website or campaigns which you might run on social media.

Audience Chime

The first is audiences, and when you make a video you are really making it directly for that audience. So some effort and thought needs to go into chiming with their expectations, their prejudices, the way they see the world. With a good video team, you're always going to get a good connection between the audience and your video piece.

Illustrating Brand Values

The second area is brand values and I wish I had a pound for every time I heard a brand value which was integrity or passion. I'm not saying these things are not lived, they often are lived, they're often very genuine, but they tend not to be very distinguishing values. If everyone is high integrity and if everyone has passion then everyone looks the same. So the trick with the brand value is although you need to make it essentially about yourself and revealing something of you, you also need to have a distinctiveness about it, and that goes into the video planning of any good project.

Visualising the Proposition

The third area is the proposition, and a proposition which is correctly visualised or dramatised really comes to life, far more than words, far more than a photograph or illustration. If you can tell a story and dramatise the value of what you bring to your audience or to your market, you've got a really good chance of really strongly positioning yourself.

Competitive Differentiation

And finally, competitors. A competitive positioning, one which looks at the market positions of your competitors and finds a spot which is distinct from them is a very strong way of demonstrating a difference, and video is very good for doing that. How do you do it and how do you find the gap?

Actually many people find that to be a big challenge but actually, it's very, very simple. The characters, personalities in your business, the look of the interior of your offices, the exterior of your offices, the kinds of clients that you've got, the beliefs that you have as a team, these are all highly unique and they're very easy to portray with video. They're actually much harder to describe or put across in text and photography because they appear to be claims, whereas video can in fact actually just simply demonstrate it.

And conveying your story in a dramatic or engaging way is ultimately the goal of positioning. It's to get people to not just watch it but to understand it and follow it and remember it. Most marketers report that this in fact what happens when you use video.

Return on Investment

So what do you get when you use video to position your financial services firm? Generally speaking, you get greater clarity, you get enough distance between yourself and your competitors, and you get a really good fit with what your audience expectations and prejudices and hopes are, and you get an opportunity to raise their expectations in a quick and cost-effective way.

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